I do not understand Russian.


To change the language, click on the flag in the upper right corner.

1 On our site you can use either Russian or English languages. Comments written in other languages will be deleted


2 Start your comment with the words «Ищу» («I need») or «Предлагаю» («I offer») and indicate the toy’s number. Then, if needed, put a remark/comment (for example "only for sale", "only in Germany", "no BPZ" etc.).

Here is an example:

Ищу 1 2 3

Предлагаю 4 5 6 5

no BPZ


 I need 1 2 3

I have 4 5 6 5

no BPZ

To highlight the words «I need» and «I have», please select them and click on on the BB-codes panel.

 3 Please do not negotiate in the comments fields. Use private messages for that.

 4 To make sure everybody understands you, please do not use other words than «I need» and «I have».

 5 Please remember to delete your old comments.


19 февраля 2050

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